Mobile chat
Stunning characters and ultra-cool customization
Multiple features and online games
Chat and dating in a game-like manner
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Beautiful illustrations by professional artists
Paint not going outside colored area
Convenient and user-friendly controlling
Colored drawing auto save
Realistic texture, surprising ornaments and tinctures
Real-Time Online Mobile Engine
Chilli Road: R.O.M.E is a platform that removes the barriers between online applications developed for computers and those created for mobile devices. Mobile users can experience any of their favorite types of real-time online projects.
2D arcade fight game with multiple guns, where players build their base, capture new territories, rule and trade, as wells as socialize, share photos and news.
Game is under development
Parallel Worlds
Parallel Worlds
Avatar customization, colorful chat rooms and online games
Autumn 2006
Preved Medved
Summer 2007
Sergey Shnurov. Bez Tebya P*zdets!
Autumn 2007
Star Factory 7
Spring 2007
Umanetto - New Year
Autumn 2009
Masha And Magical Nut