We are so happy to announce that our social chat app Galaxy was published on Windows Phone Store on May 31. Our fans who own Windows Phone devices were asking us if we create a native version for their phones for such a long time. And we finally did it!
Once appeared in Windows Phone Store Galaxy got to the top best free apps in Social and overall. As well as it has been holding the first position in New+Rising.

During two weeks we got over 50,000 new users from all over the world. Their positive reviews show that Galaxy became popular among owners of Windows Phone devices.

We are proud to create an app that works well on all versions of Windows Phone OS and has the proper design and UI. It is also great pleasure to be noticed by the Microsoft team that featured our app in many countries!

There is much to improve though. Some low cost devices have troubles with the active work in the Internet while Galaxy requires the steady connection. We had to use big effort to keep the app working when it's minimized on such phones. Still the existing solution doesn't look perfect to us, and we are going to improve it with the upcoming updates.

However we suppose there are much more benefits than drawbacks. And it inspires us to create and improve more and more. What we are planning now is to launch Windows version for tablets and desktops in the near future.

Galaxy on Windows Phone Store