Although Galaxy comes from cold Siberia, it resonates with people from hot and sunny Brazil. More and more users have been discovering our chat app, and we decided to give them the appropriate support.
Developing Galaxy is about team work, so we were searching for someone who speaks both Portuguese and Russian. Needless to say it should have been a sociable person ready to move to far away Krasnoyarsk.
It turned out to be more than just a complicated task. After multiple interviews with candidates from Russia and Brazil, in six months we finally found the one we were looking for.
Several years ago Brazilian Jean visited Russia on a student program where he met a girl he later got married to. He moved to neighboring Tomsk and studied Russian in one of the universities. When he was offered a job in Mobstudio, he accepted it and moved to Krasnoyarsk with his wife and little son.
Jean (our users now know him as Colossus) speaks Portuguese, Russian, English and Spanish. He became a valuable member of our team very fast. Thanks to him Galaxians from Brazil use the app in their native language and get the most convenient support.