We are excited to announce Galaxy v.8.0!
The developers team has been working on it for a really long time and so many changes have been made. First of all, it's interface. More user-friendly design, easier navigation and new colors will make you think you are using something new but yet familiar and more convenient. We have also added heads and bodies from the costumes our users liked in the previous versions and kept the classic ones. New colorful and cute emoticons will make chatting more fun. What should surprise our users the most is an ability to change the style of their aura with many options to choose from.
Oi! Galaxy is now available in Portuguese! Many users from Brazil were asking for this for a long time, and now they can enjoy Galaxy in their native language!
And one of the most important things. Galaxy is improved for high-resolution Android devices and iPhones.
Galaxy - Chat & Play v.8.0 is already available on major app stores.